Frequently Asked Questions
  1. General Questions
    1. What is Sportsflare?

      Sportsflare is our compilation of sports resources and events that you can use to figure out when and where to go to enjoy your favorite sport.

  2. Gym Information
    1. How accurate is your facility information?

      We try to verify and provide the best and most accurate information about the facilities listed on our site. In order to do this, we ask for help from our userbase to report inaccurate information through the 'Report Inaccuracies' link on each of our listings. With your help we can provide the most up to date information available!

    2. I don't see my local gym/facility listed. How can I add it to the Sportsflare site?

      We have a special 'Add a Gym' page specifically for this purpose. If you would like to help us out and contribute to our database, please use it to do so!

  3. Event Information
    1. How can I get my event listed?

      On every gym/facility page there is an 'Add Event' link you can use to submit your event. If your gym/facility is not listed, please first use our 'Add a Gym' form. Then, when your gym is verified and approved, you can add your event.

  4. League Hosting
    1. What can Sportsflare offer my league?

      We are currently working on powerful utilities and management tools for managing your sports league. If you would like to participate, please Contact Us for more information.

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